Little Known Facts About the Ijaws #1

IJAW is the anglicised spelling of the word IJO, which has other variant pronunciations of EJO, UJO, IZON, EZON and UZON. It is the name of the Ethnic Nationality as well as the language of the Ijaw People. The other ancestral names of the Ijaw People are ORU and KUMONI. The term Kumoni (Kumani or Kumeni), is one of the ancient ancestral names of the ancestors of the Ijaw people. When one says “Kumoni” it refers to ancestral Ijaw (Izon) People, or Kumonibo means Izonbo or Uzonbo, and Kumoni-keme is the same as Izon-keme or Uzon-keme ancestrally speaking. Referring to the Izon English Dictionary (1983, p112) we have;”…kumoni (=kumeni) n. A. Izon Kumonibo Izon person B. pure Izon (ijaw), unmixed with any other language x  Woni beimgbaibi kumoni ki fienggimi. Today we shall speak pure Izon.